Transitions Online: Chechens Through the Russian Prism
"For the Soviet mind, ethnic difference, no matter how subtle, is the most fundamental distinguishing mark among human beings." (so says the the mind of the so-called "Transitions Online" crew, anyway)

PIR Privacy Policy (
"PIR distinguishes between those listed in NameBase, and those who use NameBase. This distinction is based on the conviction that individuals and groups who have some measure of political, social, or cultural power, automatically forfeit their privacy rights to the precise extent that their power influences the lives of others. This principle is not only philosophically sound, but it is also a legal principle. For example, U.S. libel law makes a distinction between a 'public' person and a 'private' person." / Et tu, Google?
"Some of the first concerns Google generated were due to their cookies. Cookies are little text files that help the webserver track information it might need about you or your visit. These files are relatively short lived, and when the CIA tied to implement one with a 10 lifespan, they were beaten silly in the court of public opinion.

Google's have an expiration date of 2038."

>>An attempt ...<< (monochrom, 2002)
"This approach tries to address the problematic of national representation in an art context – being neither able to represent a country nor willing to do so – and to name it further. Thus, it was not only an already established big national artist, Thomann, (whose name and biography links 'Austrian art history' with all progressive avant-garde moments of art, leftist politics and pop since the 1960s), but also the artistic-creative offspring/reservoir of a country: the location factor 'art.'"

ZNet | Science | Apocalypse Now
"Floods, storms and droughts. Melting Arctic ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. The world's top scientists warned last week that dangerous climate change is taking place today, not the day after tomorrow. You don't believe it? Then, says Geoffrey Lean, read this..."

monochrom: New monochrom content // Let's network it out: Background story
"Since February 2000 Austria has been governed by a very right-wing government. Thus the independent art curator’s selection of monochrom as Austria’s national representatives at the São Paolo Biennial 2002 was a quite an interesting political statement. We decided to do a tactical-ironical project. Instead of doing an exhibition as monochrom, we decided to send Georg Paul Thomann to Brazil. Who is Georg Paul Thomann? He is a fictitious 57-year-old Austrian avant-garde artist. We wrote his complete biography (around one hundred pages) and asked fellow artists, writers and pop theorists to write articles about his life and work, which were published as the catalogue of the exhibition."

MemoryBlog: FDA Scientist Censored at Drug Safety Summit
"David Graham, the high-profile scientist at America's Food and Drug Administration, has been banned from presenting new information about a controversial type of painkiller at a three-day summit on their safety starting today." (16 February 2005)

'Conspiracy Theories'and Clandestine Politics
"So strong is this prejudice among academics that even when clear evidence of a plot is inadvertently discovered in the course of their own research, they frequently feel compelled, either out of a sense of embarrassment or a desire to defuse anticipated criticism, to preface their account of it by ostentatiously disclaiming a belief in conspiracies."

Bush Tort Reform: Executive Clemency For Executive Killers
"At their best, tort lawyers are cops who police civil crime. Just as a wave of burglaries leads to demand for more policemen, the massive increase in litigation has a single cause: a corporate civil crime wave."

Australian Antarctic Division - Evidence of widespread changes in the Southern Ocean
"At every station we sampled in the deep basin between Antarctica and Australia, the deep waters were cooler and less salty than they were 10 years ago. Our measurements suggest that the movement of water between the warm surface layers of the ocean and the cool deep layers is changing. Ocean circulation has a big influence on global climate, so it is critical that we understand why this is happening and why it is happening so quickly. We used to think of the deepest layers of the ocean as being very stable in their properties and current patterns. These new observations show that the dense water produced around the periphery of Antarctica is capable of rapid and widespread change." - Canada and the New American Empire: Water
"Will the response to the drying of our continent be different from the others? Will the South covet the water in the North? Or will the Americans revert to dryland agriculture, severe conservation, full economic pricing and other management approaches? In the context of North American bilateralism, such questions warrant intense scrutiny."

20050217 > Mapping the Iraqi Election
"Today the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq released provisional election results1, shown below superimposed on maps of Iraq’s 18 governorates. Maps are shown for each of the 8 parties that won more than than 45,000 votes. Out-of-Country (OCV) votes are shown in red."

As Union Nears Win, Wal-Mart Closes Store
"Wal-Mart Stores Inc. says it will close one of its Canadian stores, just as some 200 workers at the location are near winning the first-ever union contract from the world's largest retailer."

Johnny Depp Loves France over Hollywood
"Johnny Depp claims the best thing he ever did for his career was quit Hollywood to live in France. The heartthrob actor turned his back on the glitzy showbiz lifestyle six years ago to set-up home with girlfriend, French singer Vanessa Paradis, and admits he has never looked back."

The Sitxth Great Lake
"Featuring the Essex Green, this is an album of joyous laid back country melodies. Acoustic melodies and plaintive vocals prevail in a record that proves absolutely charming. 'Across The Northern Border', at the very start of the album, gives a perfect representation of what's to come. It's sepia-toned and wonderful, female vocal at once twangy, homely and warm, and it's strangely soothing to boot. This is like a homecoming concept album, the sort of thing that when you come home from work makes you wish you had a porch to sit on and that you weren't on the top floor of a big block of flats."

Gates taking a seat in your den
"No, I'd say that of the world's economies, there's more that believe in intellectual property today than ever. There are fewer communists in the world today than there were. There are some new modern-day sort of communists who want to get rid of the incentive for musicians and moviemakers and software makers under various guises. They don't think that those incentives should exist."

Kyoto Protocol lives
"Just minutes ago a ceremony to mark the treaty's implementation today was concluded at KICH, featuring a keynote speech by Nobel Peace Prize-winning environmentalist Wangari Maathai of Kenya."


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