Music Lab-- General (Columbia University)
"Music Lab is a research project conducted by scientists from Columbia University to learn about how people form opinions about music. If you participate in Music Lab you will have a chance to download free new music. "

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"Pour les cinquante ans de la naissance du Pixel, Claude Bossett, un artiste viennois offre une contribution conceptuelle avec un portrait peint d'un pixel."

Beeb defends Ceefax IP
"Britain's Publically Funded TV broadcaster – the BBC – is furious that a Dutch businessman, Hendrik Noorderhaven, has placed a teletext search engine on the Web using its content."

Милорад Павић ::
"The author of 'Dictionary of the Khazars' has once more found a new, as yet unseen type of literary play for you: a delta-novel! It’s a tale of love and a detective 'multy-ending story' that diverges into one hundred branches and leads you towards one hundred different endings. Each copy has a different end, and so your copy will differ from all other copies. Every reader obtains his personal one. You will have a UNIQUE ITEM!"

Enterzone 8: Visions of the Dead: Political Rap
"Mickey: Seems to me you're running some old program from the turn of the century that looked good on paper but ended up being run by the same bunch of bullshit bureaucrats wherever they tried to put it into action.
Sister Child: Right on! We need our own revolution, not some pre-packaged Marxist bullshit. That wasn't Dr. King's dream!
BX: Yes it was!
Sister Child: No it wasn't!
BX: Martin and Malcolm, George Jackson, Stokely and Mao ... baby, it's all the same dream! And it's yours if you want it!
Weir: If your dream's expansive enough to put Martin & Mao on the same mountain, I guess there's room for ours too.
BX: Negative! Them cats were not sittin on no mountain top high on LSD singing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band & meditating on their dicks!
Bill Kreutzman (entering room): Somebody say party time?!"

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Greenland's warming ice flows faster
"In March 1999, Nasa reported that the Greenland ice sheet was thinning by up to one metre a year. The scientists said then they thought the probable explanation was that water was filtering down to the bedrock, making the ice likelier to slip off. They did not then suggest a link with climate change."

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Crossing Continents | Italians struggle with Mussolini legacy
"Unlike Germany, Italy has never faced up to its role in World War II, preferring to see itself in the role of victim, argues Filippo Focardi, a historian from Florence University."

Flood Stories from Around the World
"The stories below are flood stories from the world's folklore. I have included stories here if (1) they are stories; (2) they are folklore, not historical accounts or fiction by a known author; and (3) they involve a flood."


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