Enterzone 8: Visions of the Dead: Political Rap
"Mickey: Seems to me you're running some old program from the turn of the century that looked good on paper but ended up being run by the same bunch of bullshit bureaucrats wherever they tried to put it into action.
Sister Child: Right on! We need our own revolution, not some pre-packaged Marxist bullshit. That wasn't Dr. King's dream!
BX: Yes it was!
Sister Child: No it wasn't!
BX: Martin and Malcolm, George Jackson, Stokely and Mao ... baby, it's all the same dream! And it's yours if you want it!
Weir: If your dream's expansive enough to put Martin & Mao on the same mountain, I guess there's room for ours too.
BX: Negative! Them cats were not sittin on no mountain top high on LSD singing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band & meditating on their dicks!
Bill Kreutzman (entering room): Somebody say party time?!"
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